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ALL POPITS charms fit ALL POPITS footwear & POPITS accessories. 

Free Pair of Shooting Star Charms 

**Conditions Receive one FREE PAIR Shooting Star charms per order when you spend $25 or more, not including P&H. FREE pair of Shooting Star charms will be added to your order automatically. The colour of the FREE pair of Shooting Star charms will be randomly selected, per order, from the 6 colour options within the range. 

Please NOTE : There are no exchanges / refunds on SALE OR FREE items.

Hurry only while stocks last!



above: POPITS Crown charms on POPITS Ballet flats, POPITS white thongs & POPITS cap. 

above: NEW POPITS Black cap pictured with silver bow, fuchsia smiley & gold pom pom POPITS charms.


above: POPITS yellow thongs with NEW Cupcake charms and purple Pom Pom charms.

above: POPITS yellow thongs with clear butterfly charms & new Fuchsia Smiley charms 

above: NEW POPITS Cupcake charms & Purple Pom Pom on POPITS Ballet flats. 

above: NEW POPITS White Pom Pom charm & Cupcake charm on POPITS silver headband & bobby pin. 

above: NEW POPITS silver BOW charms on POPITS thongs and POPITS Ballet Flats.



above: NEW POPITS Smiley charms on various coloured POPITS thongs & NEW Green Smiley charms on purple thongs.   

above: NEW Black Smiley charms on Fuchsia thongs, clear heart charms on pink thongs.


above: NEW Blue Smiley charms on navy thongs & NEW Yellow Siley charms on brown thongs.


above: NEW orange POPITS thongs with clear Shooting star charms & NEW purple POPITS thongs with orange Shooting star charms.


above: white POPITS thongs with Princess Crown charms and black POPITS thongs with Madeline charms.

above: black POPITS thongs with various charms. Picture 2 - Interchangable / Mix and match diagram.


above: brown POPITS thongs with Samantha charms and black POPITS thongs with silver Millenium charms.

above: black POPITS thongs with clear Flower Child charms & navy POPITS thongs with green Flower Child charms. 

above: close up Lavender Shooting Star charm on navy POPITS thongs and Pom Pom charm on white POPITS thongs.

above: close up Pink Butterfly charm on white POPITS thongs & clear Madeline Swarovski charm on black POPITS thongs.

above: close up Peace Sign charm on black POPITS thongs and Lavender Shooting Star charm on white POPITS thongs. 

above: brown POPITS thongs with gold Millenium charms and yellow POPITS thongs with white orchid charms.

above: black POPITS thongs with pink Shooting Stars charm and pink POPITS thongs with pink Butterfly Kisses charms. 

above: POPITS black suede Ballet Flats with gold Pom Pom charms (left) & silver Pom Pom charms (right).    

above: POPITS Heart charms on POPITS Ballet, POPITS Elizabeth charms (NEW) on POPITS Ballet and POPITS Samantha charms on POPITS Ballet. 

above: POPITS Black Suede Ballet Flats pictured with red Flower Child charm and Madeline charm.

above: POPITS Elizabeth Charms, Samantha Charms and Madeline Charms on POPITS rings and POPITS bangles.

above: POPITS heart charms pictured on POPITS rings and POPITS bangles.

above: pink, white and purple POPITS orchid charms on POPITS bobby pin, hair comb and hair stick.

above: silver POPITS ring with Purple Flower Child charm & silver POPITS bangle with Blue Flower Child charm.

above: gold POPITS bangle with Samanatha charm & silver POPITS bangle with pink Butterfly Kisses charm. 

above: sliver POPITS banana clip with Samantha charm and gold POPITS banana clip with clear Broken Heart charm.

above: silver POPITS crystal headband with pink Shoot/Star & gold POPITS crystal headband with clear Shoot/Star. 

above: silver POPITS plain headband with red Flower Child and gold POPITS plain headband with clear Flower Child. 

above: various POPITS accessories & POPITS charms, silver POPITS hair comb with Princess Crown charm.

above: gold POPITS bobby pin with Amber Shooting Star and silver POPITS bobby pin with Orange Shooting Star.

above: gold POPITS hair stick with Brown Flower Child & silver POPITS hair stick with green Shooting Star.

above: gold POPITS scarf pin with Red Broken Heart & silver POPITS scarf pin with Blue Flower Child.

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