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ALL POPITS charms fit ALL POPITS footwear & POPITS accessories. 


CONDITIONS: while stocks lasts, for a limited time ONLY! 

There are no exchanges / refunds on SALE OR FREE items.



above: POPITS Crown charms on POPITS Ballet flats, POPITS white thongs & POPITS cap. 

above: NEW POPITS Black cap pictured with silver bow, fuchsia smiley & gold pom pom POPITS charms.


above: POPITS yellow thongs with NEW Cupcake charms and purple Pom Pom charms.

above: POPITS yellow thongs with clear butterfly charms & new Fuchsia Smiley charms 

above: NEW POPITS Cupcake charms & Purple Pom Pom on POPITS Ballet flats. 

above: NEW POPITS White Pom Pom charm & Cupcake charm on POPITS silver headband & bobby pin. 

above: NEW POPITS silver BOW charms on POPITS thongs and POPITS Ballet Flats.



above: NEW POPITS Smiley charms on various coloured POPITS thongs & NEW Green Smiley charms on purple thongs.   

above: NEW Black Smiley charms on Fuchsia thongs, clear heart charms on pink thongs.


above: NEW Blue Smiley charms on navy thongs & NEW Yellow Siley charms on brown thongs.


above: NEW orange POPITS thongs with clear Shooting star charms & NEW purple POPITS thongs with orange Shooting star charms.


above: white POPITS thongs with Princess Crown charms and black POPITS thongs with Madeline charms.

above: black POPITS thongs with various charms. Picture 2 - Interchangable / Mix and match diagram.


above: brown POPITS thongs with Samantha charms and black POPITS thongs with silver Millenium charms.

above: black POPITS thongs with clear Flower Child charms & navy POPITS thongs with green Flower Child charms. 

above: close up Lavender Shooting Star charm on navy POPITS thongs and Pom Pom charm on white POPITS thongs.

above: close up Pink Butterfly charm on white POPITS thongs & clear Madeline Swarovski charm on black POPITS thongs.

above: close up Peace Sign charm on black POPITS thongs and Lavender Shooting Star charm on white POPITS thongs. 

above: brown POPITS thongs with gold Millenium charms and yellow POPITS thongs with white orchid charms.

above: black POPITS thongs with pink Shooting Stars charm and pink POPITS thongs with pink Butterfly Kisses charms. 

above: POPITS black suede Ballet Flats with gold Pom Pom charms (left) & silver Pom Pom charms (right).    

above: POPITS Heart charms on POPITS Ballet, POPITS Elizabeth charms (NEW) on POPITS Ballet and POPITS Samantha charms on POPITS Ballet. 

above: POPITS Black Suede Ballet Flats pictured with red Flower Child charm and Madeline charm.

above: POPITS Elizabeth Charms, Samantha Charms and Madeline Charms on POPITS rings and POPITS bangles.

above: POPITS heart charms pictured on POPITS rings and POPITS bangles.

above: pink, white and purple POPITS orchid charms on POPITS bobby pin, hair comb and hair stick.

above: silver POPITS ring with Purple Flower Child charm & silver POPITS bangle with Blue Flower Child charm.

above: gold POPITS bangle with Samanatha charm & silver POPITS bangle with pink Butterfly Kisses charm. 

above: sliver POPITS banana clip with Samantha charm and gold POPITS banana clip with clear Broken Heart charm.

above: silver POPITS crystal headband with pink Shoot/Star & gold POPITS crystal headband with clear Shoot/Star. 

above: silver POPITS plain headband with red Flower Child and gold POPITS plain headband with clear Flower Child. 

above: various POPITS accessories & POPITS charms, silver POPITS hair comb with Princess Crown charm.

above: gold POPITS bobby pin with Amber Shooting Star and silver POPITS bobby pin with Orange Shooting Star.

above: gold POPITS hair stick with Brown Flower Child & silver POPITS hair stick with green Shooting Star.

above: gold POPITS scarf pin with Red Broken Heart & silver POPITS scarf pin with Blue Flower Child.

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